Trouble On The Watermeadow Line

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Every book sold benefits 'The Railway Children' charity.

Railway Children

Suitable for ages 4 - 9+
Book dimensions: 210 x 210mm
Number of pages: 56
ISBN: 9781999580506

Another thrilling installment in the 'Railway Line' series by Simon Hall. 

With foreword by David Maidment OBE, Founder Ambassador of the Railway Children Charity 

On a beautiful summer's day, Dad, Mum, Holly and Tom leave their cottage in the woods for a happy outing aboard a steam train.  But not all is as it seems on the sleepy railway as it winds its way towards the coast.  Amongst their fellow travellers are two magicians, Davisto and Kathandra, whose help is sorely needed when the train is hijacked by a desperate group of pirates, led by the dreadful Cap’n Spike and the even more fearsome Aunty ‘Orrible.

A wild romp of a children's adventure story - and so beautifully illustrated! Steam trains, ferocious pirates, not to mention dinosaurs and magicians ... what's not to like?

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