Trouble On The Watermeadow Line

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ISBN: 9781999580506

By Simon Hall. 

With foreword by David Maidment OBE, Founder Ambassador of the Railway Children Charity

A wild romp of a children's adventure story ... and beautifully illustrated!  Steam trains, ferocious pirates (not to mention dinosaurs!) and magicians ... what's there not to like?

On a beautiful summer's day, Dad, Mum, Holly and Tom leave their cottage in the woods for a happy outing aboard a steam train.  But not all is as it seems on the sleepy railway as it winds it's way towards the coast.  Amongst their fellow travellers are two magicians; Davisto and Kathandra, whose help is sorely needed when the train is hijacked by a desperate group of pirates, let by the dreadful Cap’n Spike and the even more fearsome Aunty ‘Orrible…

Ages 4 - 9+

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