The Spirit Of Britain

The Spirit Of Britain

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Never has there been a better time to unveil a 50-strong cavalcade of tunes that typify our unique British character, pay tribute to our Churchillian bulldog spirit and celebrate the rich heritage of this sceptred isle. Celebrate the best of Britain by way of 2 CDs: rich heritage, deep patriotism and an indomitable spirit. There’s good reason to be proud!

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Where else but Britain for warm beer, cricket, tea drinking, appalling weather, the BBC…?  And what other nation loves to queue yet ‘never’ complains??!  THE SPIRIT OF BRITAIN is a tribute to our land, our loves and our ever-so-very-British lives.

Gathered here are the sing-a-long songs that helped us ‘keep calm and carry on’ as the bombs rained down - Bless ‘Em All, Sing As We Go, There’ll Always Be An England and more ... comic gems poking gentle fun at our inimitable fancies and foibles, such as Messing About On The River and Football Crazy ... and a whole string of rousing ‘chin-up’ songs (Pick Yourself Up, Happy Days Are Here Again) that can still lift the heart and raise a smile decades after they were first recorded.

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50 original recordings from the 1920s to the 60s, including ‘We Shall Fight Them On The Beaches …’ - Winston Churchill, The White Cliffs Of Dover - Vera Lynn, Everything Stops For Tea - Sam Costa, The Stately Homes Of England - Noel Coward, Down At The Old Bull And Bush - Florrie Forde, Calling All Workers - Eric Coates and Orchestra, Barwick Green (The Archers) - Sidney Torch, I Whistle A Happy Tune - Gertude Lawrence, A Nice Cup Of Tea - Binnie Hale, Right Said Fred - Bernard Cribbins, Keep Right On To The End Of The Road - Harry Lauder, Count Your Blessings - Luton Girls Choir, Happy Days Are Here Again - Jack Payne, Hey Neighbour - Flanagan and Allen, and many more.

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