The Classic Hancock Collection

The Classic Hancock Collection

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The master of misery: Tony Hancock ... ably supported (and irritated) by Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques, Bill Kerr, and others; yours by way of a 3 CD special collector's edition box set.

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'Hancock's Half Hour' was one of the most successful series ever made. Between the years of 1954 and 1961 the BBC broadcast 101 radio episodes and 59 television episodes of 'Hancock’s Half Hour', featuring one of the greatest comic talents to ever emerge from this country. His impeccable timing and brilliantly subtle shifts in intonation marked Hancock out as a comic genius; admired by his peers for his consummate artistry and craftsmanship. He was a major star on both TV and radio and with his generally morose attitude, bleak view of life and ideas above his station, he was the pompous dreamer whose aspirations were constantly thwarted. However, this comic persona endeared him to millions making him one of the best loved and most popular of Britain’s post-war comedians. Indeed, it might be said that Hancock defined British sitcom as we know it today.

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Featuring 8 classic comedy sketches, including: The Radio Ham; The Blood Donor; The Wild Man Of The Woods; Sunday Afternoon At Home; The Publicity Photograph; East Cheam Drama Festival; The Threatening Letters; The Secret Life Of Anthony Hancock (extract from the ‘Test Pilot’ – taken from ‘The Diary’).

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