The History Of WWII - Book

The History Of WWII - Book

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Memory Lane presents a 125-page fully-illustrated hardback book charting the history of World War II and featuring over 60 astonishing photographs in a conveniently sized handbook. This erudite and often moving publication provides a concise historical account of World War Two and as such is the perfect introduction to this monumental, world changing, conflict.

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Barcode: 978-1-910270-90-5

A powerful and moving tribute to the sacrifice of millions

Memory Lane is honoured to present a commemorative publication quite unlike any other. THE HISTORY OF WWII documents the conflict from the evacuation at Dunkirk, the Blitz and the Battle of Britain to the failure of Operation Barbarossa and the D-Day landings in Europe.  Acknowledging the true global scale of the conflict, THE HISTORY OF WWII details the war in North America and the Pacific as well as examining the ‘final solution’ and ethics surrounding the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan. 


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